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lun. 28 oct. 2019 13:09

Change of subscription

Good afternoon,


I have the subscription NET toudoo (75Mbps, 100GB), and I would like to change it. So I would like to know if asking here in the forum is enough and:

  • changing it to Wahoo, (125Mbps, ilimité), do I need to pay any fees? Do I have the right of the discount of 4 months too, since it’s an upgrade and not a downgrade of the subscription? 
  • changing it to a duo pack Net+TV Wahoo (also 125Mbps, ilimité), do I need to pay any activation/subscription fees (for the TV)? Again the same question, do I receive the discount for 6 months, since it’s an upgrade of my current subscription? As for the TV box, can I pick it in any Voo store and do myself the connection? (since the Voo installation was already done)

Thanks a lot in advance,




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il y a 9 mois


  • Asking here on the the forum is enough to change your subscription to WAHOO.
  • No subscription fees ( TV or INTERNET) in the case of an upgrade of your pack.
  • In most cases, a discount in only applicable for new customers or adding the internet service
  • The installation of a .Evasion TV box can only be done by a VOO technician

Message reported to VOO officials. They will answer you quickly ...:grinning:

Have a nice day.



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il y a 9 mois

Hello guys,

Well, there is nothing left to say. @roylion15 answered all your questions perfectly.

A colleague will join you via private message to make sure you do not have any other question or if you would like to upgrade/upsell. :slight_smile:

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il y a 9 mois

Thanks to all for the quick reply… :)


I would like to change to Internet Wahoo, then.


Thanks in advance,