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ven. 2 sept. 2016 09:06

How to contact customer service?

Hello, I would like to send my response to the recent Voo's e-mails and I have been trying to do it in the last few days through your website. Unfortunately there is always an error. Will it be always like that? Maybe you should give people some possibility to answer. And yes, I tried to call the customer service but believe me I don't have 20 min (once it was even 40!!) to wait for someone who can speak English. Certainly I tried to connect through French channel but French customer service prefers to push this issue away to the English department.
I would be very grateful if you could let me know how can I send you my response?





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il y a 4 ans

Hello Agnieszka Bis,

Don't worry, you are at the right place ! Our team will help you out, whatever your issue. Could you tell me more about the inconvenience?

Did you try through this way : Contactez-nous ? What is the error message?

Best regards.

Ancien Officiel VOO