jeu. 10 août 2017 13:18

No notification when download limit is exceeded?

Hello all,

Just received a billing with 50 euro surplus since we exceeded our download limit. Other providers we have used in the past outperformed VOO in two alternate ways:
- decreasing internet-speed when download limit was reached
- notifying the customer when close to the maximum

Both measures have always been complementary to the standard availability of an online monitoring tool.

What is the reason VOO has not installed such measures? Now it seems like customers are kept in the dark with the purpose of making extra money...




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il y a 3 ans

All informations about your download quotas are available in your personal customer space : myVOO .
Voo doesn't reduce your internet speed for these reasons ; just you need to take a look regulary at your quotas in myVOO.
You can also migrate to another engagement (wahoo) with an unlimited quota and more speed .
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