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dim. 8 déc. 2019 14:43

We want to upgrade our broadband subscription immediately from SOLO Light to SOLO Relax


We are currently on a SOLO Light broadband contract with VOO since 2017. We are already over the data limit for the month (100gb) and want to upgrade to SOLO Relax  125Mbps, unlimited data) immediately. 

We could not see how to do this online via MyVOO. Is this possible? Do we have to pay a fee (we already have a subscription and a modem installed)?

Thank you for any help,

Tijana and Ilija


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il y a 7 mois

Hi, infortunately it isn’t possible, the new subscription begin Always the first day  the next month :disappointed_relieved:

So this month you will pay a extra fees (the “too much data cost 2 euros for one giga but with a maximum at 50 euro).

If you have already used 125Go or more this month, you will pay the same price (your actual subscription and the fees for the extra consumtion) even if you continue to use extra datas.

N'étant qu'un simple client, je ne parle jamais au nom de Voo

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